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Epoda A Mini PC Manufacturer Will Launch A New PC Stick With LAN Port

Publish:Mini PC Manufacturer Epoda  Time:2016-11-04
Epoda is developing a new pc stick which LAN port. It is optimized with new design motherboard, greatly improve the stability.

The pc stick is powered by Intel Z8300, a quad core CPU, 1.53-1.84GHz frequency, and with 2GB RAM and 32GB rom(4GB ram and 64GB rom could be customized), and featured with a 1000MHz RJ45 LAN port(2.4 and 5G duan band WiFi will be remaining built-in for sure), make it a powerful conection to network, so that it can be applied to where with weak WiFi or where WiFi can not reach at all, that‘s good for users who need it to set inside a closed enviroment, such as a digital signage koisk,etc.

It will be very small size but still with 1*USB 3.0 and 1*USB 2.0 ports which are standard size, then you don‘t have to get a OTG cable. And there is a micro SD slot for external storage.

You might ask when you can get samples for testing? :-) Good question!
We are now working on the casing, the first lot of products expected to be ready end of Nov 2016, and mass quantity end of Dec 2016.

Let‘s take a peek at the motherboard of the pc stick, the LAN port is set at the rear of the board.

If you happen to have projects with this kind of demands, please contact us for futher info.

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