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Smallest PC in 2017

Publish:Mini PC Manufacturer Epoda  Time:2017-03-27

Smallest PC in 2017

If you guys are looking for smallest pc, you came to the right place. Epoda just released a smallest Apollo Lake Mini PC EZ35, which just the size of a smartphone. The demsion is 140x70x17.5mm, you will see the reason why it‘s the smallest pc.

Many China manufacturers produce Intel mini pc with up-to-date CPU, and sizes are various, some of them Intel NUC look, fanless, fan cooling. Iteration is quite fast. However, consumers had to select either bigger size or lower level CPU with fix storage onboard. Epoda has foresights to feature the EZ35 with SSD bay support mSATA for expanding storage.

With Apollo Lake N3450 is much faster than previous generation Cherry Trail which is lower level as well. And the mini pc is not limited by its pint sized to making it with multiple ports. For istance, USB 2.0,USB 3.0,USB3.1 type-C, HDMI, Audio out and RJ45 LAN port, good for commercial and industrial. Smallest pc

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