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Apple Pay is coming to Hong Kong

Publish:Mini PC Manufacturer Epoda  Time:2016-06-20
  Zhongtong club of Hong Kong, June 14 (Reuters) Apple‘s mobile payment services and electronic cash Apple Pay will be launched in Hong Kong in this summer. 14, Hong Kong Banks release means will provide its customers with Apple Pay services.
  According to Apple‘s official website, its the first cooperative Banks in Hong Kong has seven rooms, including bank of China, HSBC and standard chartered bank in Hong Kong, when the user can be used in convenience stores, supermarkets and merchants Apple Pay payment.
  Feng Yanfen boc credit card (international) co., LTD., deputy general manager, said Apple will Pay overhaul daily payment, let the customer more convenient and safe shopping.
  HSBC Hong Kong area of retail banking and wealth management business competent hin gray says, Apple Pay such innovative technology for the retail bank customers widespread benefits, also change the way the bank service.
  Standard chartered Hong Kong director of personal finance business ShangMingYang said that Hong Kong is an international financial center, has a group of users familiar with digital technology, for the upcoming Apple Pay services.
  Apple released in September 2014 Apple Pay, has been in the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, China and Singapore opened to use.
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