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Google chief executive quit Nest

Publish:Mini PC Manufacturer Epoda  Time:2016-06-20
  Several years ago, for the sake of excavation smart home market, Google acquired the Nest thermostat manufacturers, however, the acquired company recently appeared significant personnel changes, the company founder, known as the "father" of the iPod, the head of the Tony he (Tony Fadell) will no longer as chief executive, but will work as consultants to Google parent Alphabet. , "he wrote in a blog post, I had more time and flexibility to pursue creation and reverse the new opportunities, and other industries to help those who want to do the same things - like what we do in the Nest before."
  Experienced technical people, Marwan method, watts (Marwan Fawaz) will replace he, as the new owners of the intelligent household equipment manufacturers. Marwan, he wrote, "has profound technical and engineering knowledge, once worked for more than a global service provider, plus the background in the field of smart home platform, his experience and the background in the continuation of the company‘s current rise, especially in expanding business scale, and cooperation partners, and it is particularly important to support our business channels, etc."
  Google was the Nest high hopes, but it was the company‘s performance is very disappointing. Many products including smoke detectors, the company‘s major quality problems, smoke detectors was forced to withdraw, to consumers for a refund. Another thought Nest rhythm is too slow in terms of new products. Foreign media points out, two years after Google acquisition Nest, Nest internal unrest, and he‘s departure, means the end of this turmoil.
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