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Sierra test code to confirm the new MBP

Publish:Mini PC Manufacturer Epoda  Time:2016-06-20
  Recently, there are rumours that the new MacBook Pro will usher in the new design, and equipped with OLED Touch key, fingerprint identification and Touch ID support. Developers from apple‘s latest desktop macOS Sierra beta code found evidence of display system contains a new human-computer interaction API, contain a variety of customizable keyboard instructions image, confirms previous rumours and points out the new MBP may contain customizable keyboard display area and integrated Touch ID fingerprint identification.
  New macOS Sierra beta includes a variety of interactive API "kHIDUsage_LED_NumLock", "kHIDUsage_LED_CapsLock", etc., all corresponds to a keyboard indicative images, they also found a battery status indicator, printer status, media player, media transformation, system status message, audio control and warning indicator can display graphics resources. In addition, there is a biological keys will herald a integrated Touch ID fingerprint recognition support.
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