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Thin Client

FL300/PC Station

Framework: ARM-A9
Processor: Dual Core 1GHz
RAM: 512MB
Graphics Chips: Graphics Card Type MALI400 1080P
OS: Embedded linux kernel
  • FL300 is totally new generation thin client, with its optimized image and video performance, superior audio input and output, and together with all functions that all other thin clients have, this Linux thin client brings you much better computing experiences. This Linux thin client FL300 perfectly apply to office, education, conference, hotel etc.
    Thin Client virtual desktops make the best use of the excess power of a standard PC and make computing simple and affordable, saving money by sharing the cost from a single PC. Meanwhile, users will feel like they each have their own PC and works independently, because each user has their own keyboard, screen, settings, applications and data files.
    Main advantages:
    *Efficiently share one PC to unlimited users
    *Dramatically reduce acquisition & support costs
    *Mini size helps saving space
    *Energy-efficient (less than 7.5w)
    *For office software, such as browsing webpage, MS software, the operating speed is very fast and stable as host PC.
    *RDP 7.1, 32bit color depth(WIN 7/2008), support 24bit color depth on Win XP OS.
    *Support WIN 7/XP/2008/Vista/2000/2003/LINUX etc
    *Multi-language(System user interface): English,French,Spainish,Portuguese,Hindi, etc
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  • Model   FL300
    Framework ARM-A9
    Processor Dual Core 1Ghz      
    Built-in OS Embedded linux 3.0 OS
    RAM 512MB(can extend to 1G)
    Video VGA Resolution 800*600/1024*768/1366X768/1440*900/1280*1024/1280*720/1920*1080
    HDMI Resolution 1280*720/1920*1080(MAX)
    USB port USB2.0 port×3
    Storage 512MB flash
    External Storage 4G TF Card (by default)
    Upgrade Firmware Update
    Physical Dimensions (mm) 164×116×32MM
    Weight 200g
    Power supply DC 5V/2A
    Energy consumption Static Power less than 5W,Maximum Power less than 7.5W
    Video Support maximum 1080P HD video(exist on server already) from server.
    Support server internet online video with normal screen
    Protocol RDP 7.1
    External port HDMI, VGA,  USB*3,  RJ45,  Power supply port,Switch port
    Working Temperature  -20  ~50°C
    WIFI Optional (now only the one with LAN is available.)
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